Is there a real Mrs. Robinson?

Yes, there is a real Mrs. Robinson, although I do consider myself a Jr. When I decided to open the tea shop, I wasn't sure what to call it.  Many names offered by family and friends were considered but they just didn't quite resonate.  One morning, it just came to me that I had the perfect name and I came down to breakfast and showed it to the original Mrs. Robinson, my dear mother in law.  She smiled and we both agreed it was perfect   While she went to heaven before the shop opened, the original, Mrs. Emily Robinson helped choose the name, the logo, and the beautiful shade of blue that you see on the walls of my shop.  Still today, I am grateful for her voice in my head as I continue to make decisions regarding this precious little store. She was one of my biggest fans and she said to me many times through the design, "You go with what you think is right, honey. Don't listen to anyone else."  Good advice for many applications in life, don't you think?  Thank you, Emily Robinson.  

When you come visit and you find the urge to sing a few bars of that wonderful Simon and Garfunkel tune, go ahead…indulge.  It still makes us giggle.  

Why should you buy your tea from Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop? ...because I only have one goal : Find the best tea and then tell everyone I know about it.  I love small patch teas that are interesting and different.  I search for them everywhere and since I never learned how to settle, you can be certain it is the very best.

Sincerely, Mrs. Robinson…Jr.